You Have Been Loved

Originally written on November 2, 2021

    “You know… I’m glad that we’ll all be forgotten someday.”

    The grass seems to bow as I trample a path up the hill. Rosy golden hues shine down softly, 
    and the wind whirls in greeting. Back to the old spot.

    “I wouldn’t be able to bear it if someone remembered all I ever did.”

    Our tree stands tall beyond the horizon, weathered and wizened — our tree nonetheless. 
    With a gracious sigh, its leaves fall in invitation, crowning the ground below in crisp, freckled foliage. 

    “Wouldn’t you hate it?”

    I take a seat right next to its trunk with you forever beside me, never changing beneath stone and soil. 
    A sunset tinged leaf falls atop your head, seeming to say, “Look, you have company.”

    “Memories are nice, though, aren’t they?”

    “Well, of course they are, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s nice to know that our lives are ephemeral.”

    “... I suppose.”

    And company you do have. Company that will hold onto the memory of you until their last dying breath, 
    however selfish it may seem. Company that will always come back to our little spot next to our tree on our hill. 

    A few odd jokes make their way out of my strangely peaceful state as I brush off your headstone. 
    “What if I don’t want to forget you though? What then?”

    “Well… you’re going to eventually, right? We’ve got to be realistic here.”

    A sad smile. 

    “Forgive an old friend for remembering?”

    A light breeze plays with the flightful leaves, cupping my face in a gentle embrace. 

    “It really is selfish of me, isn’t it? Anyways… I’ve come to tell you that I’m still here, existing.”

    The wind weaves soft hatches around me. 

    “Because you deserve a memory, so that the world will know that you have been loved.”