Life in Two Bags

Originally written on October 12, 2021

    “Look at this,” she says, gesturing at the rugged packs in front of her. “My whole life fits in two bags.”

    Her pressed lips don a sad smile as eyes linger upon worn cloth. 

    “A sorry sight to see, isn’t it?” A bitter chuckle. 

    It’s almost like a scene from the movies, in which the protagonist gets on the train ride to change their life for the better, 
    all while leaving their old self behind. Except this time, it‘s just the ending. No “changing for the better”, just… “changing”. 

    The girl plucks the bags from the station floor as the train hurdles in, scraping to a stop with a long, piercing screech. 


    “I must be going now, I suppose. It was nice to know you, despite however fleeting our time together was.”

    I can only nod. It was nice.