1 A.M. Poem

Originally written on October 22-23, 2021

    You are enough to cover the sundials of the bless├ęd sky 
    To ebb and to flow as time does   
    So eloquently, graceful as a dove
    How would one begin to comprehend your mirth
    Fears flashing wildly, flashing away in a single blink 
    Can one truly comprehend?

    Empowered by the grace of a thousand kisses and one more
    None but the warm cheek to receive such glory
    In embrace, one can only laugh
    What is to laugh if not to love?
    And what is to love if not to live?

    Passed on throughout the generations, 
    stories woven through the gaps of empty hearts
    Stitched together, piece by sorry piece
    Until from the emptiness sprouts a lonely seed
    And then another
    And another
    Growing a garden of the endearment of souls